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Here are the top ten articles for the Christian Living Site! These rankings are live and get reset at the beginning of each month, so check back often to see what your fellow visitors are most interested in!

1. Satan Who is He?
He's a popular subject for Halloween costumes. Depending on what movie you may be watching, Satan is portrayed as an impotent cartoon character, or a frightfully ugly monster, or even someone's buddy.

2. Angels in the Bible
Are angels real? Who and what are they? Lets look at what the Bible says.

3. Jehovah - Mekaddeshkem , Our Sanctifier
What does it mean that God is our Sanctifier? Why should we be grateful?

4. Christian Living Site Shopping
Find my clean cozy mysteries Heart Strings and Heart Beat from the Evelynton Murder Series. Read my reviews of some great Christian books and my experience in choosing a Bible Book Cover.

5. Polishing Your Idol
The Bible is very strict when it comes to what and who we worship. The first two commandments say that that we better not worship any other gods or make an idol in the form of anything in heaven or on the earth. What idols are in my house?

6. Healed by Faith
The crowd pushed and shoved to get closer to Jesus. All her money had gone to the doctors, all promising to cure her. She needed the healing only Jesus could give.

7. Book Review of Brother John
Brother John, A Monk, a Pilgrim, and the Purpose of Life. My thoughts of the book by August Turak written after his life-changing retreat at Mepkin Abbey.

8. Eve - What Were You Thinking ?
This is a revised and expanded version of my original Eve article. -- Taking a look at what the Bible says about Eve, I think that we are very much like her. Her sin is all too familiar.

9. A Discussion of Ghosts
Who or what are those ghosts and goblins that are said to haunt certain old buildings, mansions, and spooky places? Are they a figment of an active imagination? Are they the departed souls of unfortunate people? Are they Satan's demons?

10. When God's People Pray to Change the Country
Are you concerned with the state of the world? The nation? Your state? Your city? Let’s begin with prayer to make a difference. Let’s pray intentionally for a change.

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